Sean Cone

Sean, a native to North Carolina, is currently pursuing his PhD in Toxicology working in Dr. Gaddameedhi’s lab. Before coming to NCSU, Sean obtained his dual BS degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry at East Carolina University, where he studied the biophysics of fibrin lysis in blood clots. Sean is eager to tackle his scientific project on circadian disruption and biological response to UV exposure, and believes that his training as a PhD student at NCSU will prepare him for seeking future career opportunities and approaching complex problems in science. Beyond his interests in scientific research, Sean likes to visit with friends and family, make long road trips, try new types of food, take walks, play video games, and spend time with his two cats.

Areas of interest:
Circadian rhythm and disruption, UV mediated DNA damage, rhythms/damage response in skin
Current project involves understanding how circadian disruption (e.g., shift work) can affect long-term response to UVB-induced damage in mice